Laadli Flash Mob
On September 24, 2005, seventeen hundred college students wearing Laadli T-shirts and caps were out on the streets participating in Laadli Flash. It was the first Flash mob conducted in India. Students shouted slogans, formed chains, danced and performed street plays to attract the attention of passers-by and gave out information material like bookmarks, pledge cards and fliers on the Laadli campaign. The Flash was conducted in 40 busy locations like railway stations, malls and markets to maximize its reach.
I am Laadli Campaign
I am Laadli CampaignWith the objective of making the term 'Laadli' synonymous with women empowerment and a celebration of womanhood, Population First in collaboration with Leo Burnett and Indigo Consulting launched a social media campaign 'I Am Laadli' on  March 08, 2013 International Women's Day on Facebook and Twitter

The women- centric campaign was launched with a video on You Tube and was executed on Facebook with a women-only 'I Am Laadli' application. Once installed, the application posted custom statuses, pinned 'I Am Laadli' badges on display pictures and encouraged women to prefix the term 'Laadli' to their profile names. The 'I Am Laadli' The campaign got huge support from women from all walks of life.Click on the link to view the video featuring laadli Suneeta, laadli Gauri Shinde and laadli Renuka Sahane  http://youtu.be/BHw5jHWHAx0
Priti Jhavar, Vice-President, Client Servicing, Indigo Consulting
KV Sridhar 'Pops', Chief Creative Officer – India Subcontinent, Leo Burnett, said, "We believe that the more regressive the portrayal of women, the more people will be hesitant to let a little girl live. So we decided to celebrate the power and love of women, and remind each one that they are a 'Laadli' of our nation."

Dir. Sharada AL, Director, Population First, said, "The response to the 'I Am Laadli' campaign was very positive with many women proudly putting the badge of 'I Am Laadli' on their profile pictures. The first step towards empowerment is when we love and value ourselves as individuals with the right to dream, aspire and achieve. 'I Am Laadli' is a positive campaign and I wish more and more women say with pride 'I Am Laadli'."

Priti Jhavar, Vice-President, Client Servicing, Indigo Consulting, said, "We are very happy to be a part of this initiative as it gave us the opportunity to relay the very pertinent message that impacts all of us today – that of gender equality and woman empowerment." We request for your suggestions and thoughts about our campaign 'I am Laadli' and also write to us what you feel about celebrating women's day- Is it mere tokenism or something more?
Laadli Twitter Flash Mob:
Laadli Twitter Flash Mob:
Women were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #iamlaadli on that day. Further, to create more visibility all were encouraged to tweet exactly at 8 PM to create a flash mob on Twitter. At 8 PM sharp multiple tweets with #iamlaadli were registered.and in the span of 30 minutes, #iamlaadli gained 'trending ' status on twitter with around 600 tweets being  registered, making it one of the trending topics on that day.