Workshop with the Creative Directors and Script Writers of Electronic Media
General entertainment channels are often criticized for promoting gender insensitive messages and gender stereotypes. A small beginning is made when 35 Creative Directors were engaged in a dialogue on depiction of womenin television serials.

Population First in collaboration with Indian Broadcasting Federation and LinMedia, organized a workshop on “Depicting Women Effectively in Communication” at Mayfair Banquets, Worli on December 20, 2011.Around 35 Creative Directors representing three major entertainment channels, Star, Zee and Colors participated in the interactive session.
Dr. A .L. Sharada (Director, Population First), Vinita Nanda (Film/TV Director), Bhawna Somaiya (Film /TV critic), Bishakha Dutta (Point of View), Vinita Nanda, Prof. Jeroo Mulla (Head, Social Media, Sophia College) and Mr. Rajat Ray (Senior Advocacy Officer, UNFPA) were on the panel.

Dr. Sharada made a presentation, which analyzed the content of television serials from a gender perspective. This was followed by a panel discussion. The objective was to reach a middle ground where directors and scriptwriters could accept responsibility for portraying women in a socially positive manner without abandoning their primary objective, which is to boost television ratings for their shows.
Gender Sensitization Workshop with Scriptwriters Association
Workshop with Scriptwriters Association
“Portrayal of Women in Films and TV” was the theme of the workshop organised by Population First and Film Writers Associaton (FWA) on 26th July 2014 for scriptwriters and lyricists of TV and films.

Considering the wide impact of cinema, TV and advertisements and the fact that women continue to be potrayed in very stereotypical way it is very important to be conscious of the nuances of communication and their influence on mind sets of people. The workshop addressed these issues. 

Bringing out the need for content writers and script writers to change this depiction and consciously change their attitude the speakers were all in consensus that a change is possible and that a few steps have already been made in this direction. 

There were more than 60 scriptwriters who participated in this interactive workshop and all of them were in agreement that they wanted to bring a change but were under pressure by stakeholders,( marketing people who were concerned about ratings, producers etc). All of them agreed that a change was very much needed and wanted inputs on how to resist this pressure and incorporate changes.
The workshop was the first of a series planned all over the country.