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Vision Statement
An India where every child is wanted, cared and nurtured;
An India where every woman is empowered to exercise her rights;
An India where every citizen is secured a life of social well being, free of poverty, violence and discrimination;
An India where health and population programmes are pursued as an integral part of social development and gender equality in an environment of collective responsibility  

The vision is articulated in these four statements which reflect the values and aspirations of Population First. The first three statements represent the basic rights which children, women and all citizens should be entitled to enjoy in a state of social and economic well being. The last statement places the health and population programmes within the overarching framework of a rights based approach with emphasis on institutionalization of collective responsibility.

The words “wanted, cared and nurtured”   indicate our commitment to ensure that children are planned, welcomed and nurtured.  This is possible only when parents are able to make informed choices regarding planning their families and have access to quality health services and other development opportunities.

“Empowering woman to exercise her rights” is yet another dimension which refers to creating awareness about her rights and providing necessary support, at the individual, family, community and societal level, to enable her to exercise the rights that she is entitled to under the various constitutional and legal provisions. Particularly, her right to reproductive health – to lead a life free of disease and debility associated with unwanted and unplanned fertility. This assumes a change in the perception of people about the role of women in family and society that would bring about a qualitative difference in the lives of women and children.  

The focus in the third statement is on “social well being”.  It is defined in terms of safety and security and the ability of individuals to access development opportunities. It places particular emphasis on equality, equal opportunities and aspires for a society free of violence and discrimination. Violence is included as an important aspect as a life free of fear of denial, deprivation and exploitation is crucial for the growth and development of any society.

Population growth is inextricably linked with social development particularly social disparities, unequal access to resources, facilities and institutions, and denial of choices and opportunities to the disadvantaged segments of the society. We are committed to creating an India where achieving a decent quality of life for its people through social development and gender equality is seen as a responsibility shared by the corporate sector, civil society and the media with the government.