Village Tourism
The rural tourism project is an opportunity for a rural or tribal community to allow urban tourists from India and abroad, access into their towns and culture. This is an effective method of earning additional income for their community.

Tribal youth, men and women are trained in hospitality services to cater tourists who visit their communities. The whole enterprise is managed by the people of the village. The tribal community is connected with urban folk who visit the village to enjoy the sights, rhythm and flavour of rural India.  
Rural tourism project is being implemented in Dehna village of Shahapur which is a great monsoon destination.

  • Village Dehna is being positioned as a forest village, known for its cuisine and monsoon season. Tourism opportunities such as cycling and nature walks are being organised.
  • Individuals from the community were trained as guides, housekeepers and cooks to host the tourists.
  • 38 villagers from Dehna were taken on an exposure visit to village Purushwadi on December 10, 2012. In Purushwadi, community based rural tourism has been running for the past 6 years. 
  • Campsites, washrooms and storerooms were built in September 2013 on suitable land after consulting with the landowners as well as the community. 
  • A village tourism committee will monitor the project and protect the interests of the community. The committee was formed in March 2013.