Theatre Workshops
Even though government agencies have the knowledge to deliver health related services, they do not have training on health education. AMCHI equips the Government representatives posted at Primary Health Centre and Health Sub-centre with counseling skills and other communication skills.

Workshops called ‘Parivartan ki Oar’ are organized for the entire staff of a Primary Health Centre.  The workshops help the staff look at themselves as agents of positive change in their village and part of the development process.

Example (Picture here): Manjul Bhardwaj is the Director of Experimental Theatre Foundation. The theatre workshops are a medium of expression. Participants are encouraged to understand their own thoughts and behaviour patterns, identify their strengths and weaknesses and look at their roles in the community from a fresh, positive perspective. The staff of the PHC understood the necessity of appropriate communication. They also understood the concept of micro-planning and community participation in welfare programmes.

Fund and Support: 
A five-day residential theatre workshop for 20 participants costs Rs. 2,00,000. To donate Click here.