Safe Abortion Advocacy Initiative
Safe Abortion Advocacy Initiative
July to December 2012
The Census 2011 once again revealed a decline in the child sex ratio across the country. Many state governments have responded by restricting the sale of abortion pills and availability of abortion services in the private sector.
An analysis of media coverage and discussions in the state assemblies and parliament reveals there is a misconception of pre-birth sex selection and access to safe abortion. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that these initiatives do not put the lives of women in danger by restricting their access to safe abortion services. It is estimated that one woman dies every two hours from abortion related causes. Therefore, a need was felt to advocate easier access of safe abortion services.

Population First, with the support of IPAS, launched an advocacy campaign on Safe Abortion in July 2012.

“Safe Abortion Advocacy Initiative” focuses on;
  • Creating awareness through media about consequences of unsafe abortions and availability of safe abortion services
  • Partnering with media to protect women’s right to safe abortion
  • Making informed decisions on abortion by elected representatives in parliament and state assemblies
  • Creating a social environment which safeguards women's’ right to safe abortion services.