1 JAN 2014
Running for a Better Future, Standard Charter Mumbai Marathon 2014

Population First was a proud participant in the biggest sporting event of Asia, Standard Charter Mumbai Marathon 2014 for the fifth time with a team of 100 people running to support our cause. We cannot thank enough the IRB Team consisting of 65 runners who not only declared their support for Laadli, but also walked the entire route with us wearing Laadli T-shirts and caps and held placards and balloons.

We were fortunate to have a team of five Dream Makers. We are glad to thank Ms.Suneeta Rao, the spokesperson of Population First for taking so many efforts to raise funds and support for the cause of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. It was also very heartening to have Amruda Nair, a woman entrepreneur as a Dream Maker.We would also like to thank Ms. MadhuriPandit for her steadfast support. The fact that she was with us for the fourth time shows her deep seated faith in the cause and Population First. Mr. Sista, the Executive Trustee of Population First and Dr. A. L. Sharada, Director, Population First, who are the two pillars of the organization, were the biggest strength for us at the SCMM2014 too. It was an amazing experience to see over 40,000 people walking and running for the cause close to their hearts. We do believe that even though our team of 100 people wore our caps and t-shirts, all those 40,000 people were out there to support equality, justice and freedom for all those vulnerable women, men and children in the country, because all of us were walking towards creating a better world for ourselves.