Promoting Mahila Gram Sabhas and Village Level Committees
Panchayati Raj Act
The Panchayati Raj Act bolsters people’s participation and effective implementation of development programmes. Maharashtra state has 50% reservation for women in the Panchayati Raj Institutions. The Act mandates Mahila Gram Sabha to be organized before each Gram Sabha to ensure women’s concerns are addressed. Since issues like availability of water, health services etc. affect women more than men, it is necessary for women to voice their opinions and demands. These institutions have been vested with a lot of administrative and financial powers. Even though women members are elected in Gram Panchayats in most villages, their participation in community decision-making is very low. In reality, Mahila Gram Sabhas are rarely held in the villages.

Population First promotes Mahila Gram Sabha by creating awareness among women about their rights and responsibilities. Women are encouraged to organize the Mahila Gram Sabha and take forward their agenda on community development issues.

Amchi had undertaken training on Panchayati Raj Institutions for elected representatives. It has been working steadfastly  to promote Mahila Gram Sabha (Read More)