1 NOV 2014
October 2014 Newsletter

Gender Blender

The youth need to be sensitized.”  “We did not know that we could be change makers.  We want to be part of the change process that happens in India. “Students made profound statements like these after a three-day workshop on gender sensitization organized by Population First.

Forty members from various Change Maker Club from S.K. Somaiya, Wilson, Hinduja, Jai Hind, Guru Nanak Khalsa and Sathaye College, came together at the YWCA International Centre in Mumbai from 25 27 October 2014, for the workshop.

Text Box: Students from different colleges interact and share ideas with each otherThe whole idea behind getting this group together was to create champions of change, to help take gender and its related issue forward in the personal life of the students, in their communities, in their neighborhood and through the students to other colleges too. The workshop touched upon gender and gender related issues, leadership and communication skills, and role.

The mandate for conducting these sessions was that they needed to be interactive, participatory, exploratory, experimental, creative and student-oriented.