23 DEC 2014
November 2014 Newsletter

Sensitizing Students on Gender Related Violence
Population First in collaboration with the Change Maker Club students of Kirti College organised a session on Gender related violence for the 8th grade students of Gitanjali Vidyalaya in Virar.

The students were explained the meaning of violence through different scenes that were enacted to show how gender-based crimes take place.

Fifty students were divided into different groups to discuss the various kinds of discrimination girls and women in the school, streets, family and society face. They had to then present a play on how gender biases take place in these settings.

One of the groups came up with the brilliant idea of how boys at school have football matches but girls do not have any match or team to play. Another idea that came across was that of a family where the boy is given the liberty to move out and play while the girl is forced to sit at home.

Theatre techniques were used to pass on useful information about child abuse, good and bad touch and safety tips to the kids. Volunteers also enacted a play on Violence against Women for the students.