Media Fellowships
To enhance the quality and quantity of media reporting on the issue of safe abortion, as well as to create an understanding and commitment among the journalists, Population First has instituted the “Laadli Media Fellowships”.  Four Fellowships of Rs 50,000/- each are given across the nation after rigorous screening process.
Following journalists were awarded the prestigious Laadli fellowship in 2013 funded by Ipas;

a. Sukhbir Siwach, the Times of India, Chandigarh, Beats- Women and Khap Panchayats
b. Dr. Radheshyam Jadhav, The Times of India, Special Correspondent
c. Pradeep Beedawat, Rajasthan Patrika,  Beats- Legal Issues and Crime
d. Pawan Shrivastava from Dainik Jagran, Bhopal, Beats- Social issues
Pavan Shrivastava was the first Ipas media fellow to publish his story on 11th July 2013 in Dainik Jagran, in the background of World Population Day. Pavan’s first story highlighted the scenario of adolescent pregnancies in Madhya Pradesh, in line with theme announced for World Population Day 2013. The story brought forth the rise in number of abortions among adolescents. The second story describes the fallacies in recording of maternal mortality in Madhya Pradesh, whereas the third story further reports on the causes of increasing maternal mortality in the State. The fellowship is concluded with the fourth story reporting on the increasing number of incomplete abortions as result of indiscriminate use of medical abortion drugs without a certified practitioner’s prescription.


Pradeep published his first story in line with the World Population Day theme on adolescent pregnancies. The story was published in 4 editions of Rajasthan Patrika, highlighting the adverse effects of unsafe abortions in adolescent pregnancies in Rajasthan. This was followed by second story highlighting the importance of changing mind sets towards early marriages, adolescent pregnancies and thereby the adverse health impacts. The third story described the scenario of pre-birth sex selection in Rajasthan and the skewed child sex ratio. The fourth, fifth and sixth stories report the scenario of unsafe abortion, legal status and lack of information about safe abortion services in the State.

Pune based Assistant Editor of Times of India, Radheshyam Jadhav provided with scenario of abortion services in and around Pune. The first story describes the increasing acceptance of induced abortions in Beed district. This is followed by second story which points at the Pune Municipal Corporation’s initiative to make abortion services cheaper, acceptable and safe.  The third story highlights the scarcity of abortion pills in Maharashtra due to crackdown of FDA on the chemists. The fellowship concludes with story highlighting the use of technology (SiOB) leading to infringement of privacy of women undergoing sonography. The story also explores possible connections with unsafe abortions.
The issue of Safe Abortion is also brought forth through 5 stories published in the online edition of Times of India.


Sukhbir Siwach published his first two stories on reproductive health of women in Haryana, in Times of India in August 2013. The third and fourth stories focused on the abortion cases and abortion services in Haryana.




Sukhbir Siwach

Times of India, Chandigarh

  1. Burden of family planning falls on women: Haryana figures
  2. Haryana women have no say in family planning, activists say
  3. Haryana witnesses sharp decline in abortion cases
  4. Shortage of doctors hits counseling process for abortions in Haryana

Dr. Radheshyam Jadhav

Times of India, Pune

  1. Induced abortions gain social acceptance in Beed
  2. PMC’s initiative makes abortion safer, cheaper and acceptable
  3. women have right to abort: Activists
  4. Software infringing on women’s right to abort?
  5. PMC should take steps to destigmatise abortions
  6. Demand to adopt UN report on maternal health
  7. Government steps in to curb unsafe abortions
  8. Activists ask govt not to mix sex selection and abortion acts
  9. Activists suspect illegal abortions in surrogacy cases

Pavan Shrivastav

Dainik Jagran, Bhopal

  1. Kishor Umra mein ho rahe sabse jyada abortion
  2. Mataon ki maut par parda dal rahe jile
  3. 4 di ki wajah se ho rahi janani ki maut
  4. garbhpat ki naam par bik rahi maut ki dawa
  5. garbhpat ki dawa khakar har roj aa rahi ek yuwati

Pradeep Beedawat

Rajasthan Patrika, Pali

  1. Asurakshit Garbhpat aur kum umra mein prasav, matlab maut!
  2. Padne ki Umra mein Shadi aur garbhpat
  3. lado bin ladli kahan se layeng
  4. Hawi ho raha asurakshit garbhpat ka dansh
  5. Adhiniyam badhal, awaidh garbhpat par kaise lagegi lagam
  6. ab tak astitva mein nahi ayi MTP samiti
  7. Khud jage n kisiko jagaya, jankari bhi tay nahi
  8. Nahi hui F form ki monitoring