Malnutrition Project
Combating malnutrition using local resources in villages of Shahpur Block
Thane district reports 25.47% malnourished children in age group 0-6 yrs enrolled in Anganwadis across urban and rural areas, whereas Shahpur block alone reports 17.22% malnourished children in its Anganwadis. To tackle the issue of malnutrition in rural areas, Village Child Development Centre (VCDC) program is being implemented across the Anganwadis in Shahpur by the State Govt. Despite extensive efforts by the State Govt to eradicate Malnutrition from the rural areas, over several years the issue still persists in this area. 

Population First team decided to assess the interventions being undertaken under the ICDS program in 3 villages –Khor, Chinchwadi and Savroli. Based on the assessment, using the existing resources, Population First team started its interventions in August 2013 to improve the nutritional status of children in Severe Acute Malnutrition and Moderate Acute Malnutrition grades in these villages.
Combating malnutrition using local resources in villages of Shahpur Block
The interventions undertaken were mostly targeted at bringing about behavior change amongst the Anganwadi workers and the parents. The parents were the key target group since the health of the children depends to a large extent on the attention being paid by the parents towards the food and hygiene practices. Proper utilization of available resources in terms of funding and supplementation obtained from the ICDS department played a crucial role in formulating strategies to combat malnutrition in these villages. Inculcating hygiene and sanitary practices like hand washing among the children helped in reduction of preventable diseases like diarrhea among children.
  • Steady increase in Weights of 56 children in Savroli Anganwadi, since start of the intervention in August.

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Average weight

Average weight
  • 100% attendance in the Anganwadi.
  • Significant reduction in incidence of illnesses.
  • Parents pay attention to food habits and food hygiene of the children.
  • Children come to Anganwadi clean and tidy.

Fund and Support: Cost of implementing this programme in one village is Rs 15,000.  To support this activity Click here